Pudding caramel

What to cook from Pudding caramel more

Cake "Sun"
135 3 - -
We returned the winter, and already want the warm spring sun! With such thoughts was born, this cake - my first experience of using buckwheat flour. My main expert - my husband liked it, though I didn't tell him what the cake is made!
Sweet cake on the motives of cheesecake
133 - 90м -
To call this tart cheesecake is not solved... the Idea was born after I tried to cook honey cake with salted caramel... Then me and carried on various experiments!!! This especially liked all the home!
Caramel-Apple pudding
120 - - -
Offer to make an interesting Apple dessert with caramel pudding. Instead of the caramel pudding is perfect vanilla. Prepare the apples and keep them in the nutrients I helped a wonderful cookware Zepter.
Chocolate caramel cheese cake
116 - 240м 8
The Ukrainian version of cheesecake. I wanted somewhere to attach the cheese, I remembered about the successful experiments on cheesecake with this domestic product, and she wrote that's such a simple recipe. Write proportions are approximate, especially because nothing was measured.
Danish Apple dessert
111 4 20м 4
Interesting combination of cold with hot, interesting, tasty and easy to prepare dessert
Caramel cake with pecan nougat
109 - 240м 16
Have entered into good habit to bake something new and delicious to our Day - Larochkina day! Lovely, kind, beautiful, gentle of Larocca! This air, breathtaking and delicious cake for you! Holders of other equally beautiful names, with joy and pleasure to welcome to our friendly table!

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