Corn flakes

What to cook from Corn flakes more

Brownie Horseshoe
307 4.5 60м 4
Horseshoe for luck! Who was the first to eat a horseshoe in tiger-paint, that necessarily in the coming year will be lucky, fulfilled his fondest wish... "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Heavenly honey apples
301 4 20м -
I love the taste of baked apples... they remind me of my childhood...
Cake "Tutti-Frutti"
269 3 180м 9
Found the recipe for this cake in a magazine and decided to cook. Came out very tasty. And the cooking is not difficult.
Fresh Bircher muesli
229 5 10м 5
Breakfast. I think that in the menu of each of a 5 star hotel you are sure to find the Bircher muesli. In addition, they are an integral part of the diet of Hollywood beauties. After Swiss chocolate, and fondue is another culinary pride of Switzerland. But most importantly, they are healthy, tasty and loved by children and adults. Every morning, they "support" may look different because it depends on your desires, capabilities and imagination. I present my current version.
Croquettes Greek
223 - 20м 1
A great Supplement to a glass of champagne
Puffs with condensed milk and cereal "well, Well... "
214 3 40м 12
The taste is very delicious. But the form let us down, and maybe someone will seem interesting. Try to prepare, you will not regret.

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