Syrup fruit

What to cook from Syrup fruit more

Jelly potato starch for cakes
0.7k - 5м 1
I want to offer to cook jelly (glaze) filling for pies (cakes). Of course you can buy ready-made upakovochki, but sometimes there's no time to run to the store, and the pie you want to fill jelly. Preparing jelly from potato starch and syrup from canned Mandarin oranges. Varying syrups, or juices, you can make jelly of different colors. The idea I saw on a German site from Silvia, thank you very much.
Orange cocktail with syrup "grenadine"
267 - 10м 2
A sort of soft option wonderful cocktail "Tequila sunrise". Orange juice and syrup "grenadine" form a bright and refreshing combination!
Creamy tangerine dessert with jelly confetti
221 - - 3
A delicious and elegant dessert of sour cream with caramelized mandarins and tangerine spicy wine sauce! This dessert will decorate the Christmas table or a romantic dinner! But the most important "highlight" dessert "crystal" jelly confetti, which is very easy to prepare from ordinary fruit jelly! The dessert looks very inviting and festive!
Dessert "Bonjour" or "Flowers in pot"
220 - - -
Original and delicious dessert. From such a surprise, always delight children, but, of course, love it and the adults!
Fruit salad "Fructose"
217 3 10м -
A lot of fruit, delicious.
Cream "the air Temple"
214 4 - -
Cream "the air Temple" was very tasty and tender like children. I was taught to cook by my grandmother, and I decided to tell You.

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