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Soy bread
1k - 90м 5
Propose a way to replace bread or other wheat, to soy, to solve many health problems. Soy bread is rich in protein, can replenish or Supplement the lack of protein from other foods. All the prejudices about the harm or the utility of the soybean can be concluded only in one frame, how your own body "accept this product". Soy bread may rightly be called the "Diabetics Kim".
Nuevo-Apple cupcake
148 - 90м 9
As my first recipe I chose this cupcake. Unusual, fragrant, useful. Dedicated to all the Cooks! Thanks to You I'm learning to cook! And already learned much, thanks! This cake can be called with respect to diet, I suggest the average option in which the balance of sweetness and fat content for me is at an acceptable level, and the presence of chickpea and soy flour enriches it with extra vegetable protein. The approximate number of calories per 100g. (two slices of cake) 270 kcal: fat 9.7 g protein 8.5 g carbohydrates 37,1, ready-made meals 900 grams. Not without a small raisin...
Cottage cheese casserole with cranberries
129 - 40м 6
Cottage cheese casserole with soy flour instead of the usual semolina, starch or wheat flour is obtained with a slight nutty flavor and slight acidity of the cranberry.
Pancakes with sauerkraut and greens
129 - 60м 6
Soft, delicate pancakes, with crispy taste of fried pies. They are ideal as a complement to the first course, and it can be a great snack or treat for tea. Unlike pies, these pancakes are much faster.
Lean banana-oatmeal cake
119 - 45м 5
A delicious cake with a slight aroma of banana, sour Apple and crumbly structure. Help yourself.
Christmas cupcake
114 - 90м 20
Absolutely simple recipe for Christmas fruitcake! Good because it is prepared without problems, does not require long aging, and the result - a spicy, fragrant, delicate and delicious cake with a Cup of morning coffee... or as a lovely idea for a Christmas gift for relatives and friends. Packed in a beautiful box, tie with a bright ribbon and give!))) Happy new year!!!

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