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What to cook from Perch more

Fish "Home angler"
327 - - 2
Very tasty and simple dinner of river perch baked in the oven.
Fish in a fur coat
157 - 40м 3
My husband doesn't like fish, could not get him to eat it. I saved this recipe. Don't even remember whether I have meat about as did, if my mom has once looked, but that is not important. Most importantly, now eat the fish with the whole family)))
Perch smoked
154 5 60м 1
It turns out very juicy and tasty fish! For cooking in the convection oven.
Cheese-grape perch
152 5 30м 2
Nearing the end of the contest "give me tonight". Perhaps he has become my favorite... Fish, seafood, white wine - "love affair" with these products I have already for a long time and probably for a long time! And now again love affair with her beloved husband! Thank you "cook" for the wonderful opportunity to remind each other about the most tender feelings!
Perch fillets with potatoes in cream
145 - - -
Pink fillet of sea bass baked with potatoes in cream. Tender fish with potatoes in cream. Very tasty!
Perch grilled in a pink pickle
134 3 25м 2
Perch red delicious by itself. And here in the pink marinade - it's something! Usually the fish we take, combined with the lemon Model lemon on "... " and the fish prevraschatsya ...

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