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Salad "Cruise"
0.6k - 30м 2
I have a habit of trying different not the usual meals in restaurants, and then to repeat them at home. This salad I tried last weekend at the restaurant "Cruise" on the shore near Vladivostok. Easy on the calories and the execution of the salad, just for us girls. Give vigor and energy in the period of spring avitaminosis.
Salad "Romantic"
328 5 - -
.. this weekend was planned a romantic dinner.. well I wanted something interesting and not too heavy.. that turned this salad.. a nice combination of fruit (pear and grapey) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber, peas).. a little boiled chicken.. with an INTERESTING DRESSING of two types of cheese, dry vermouth, lemon juice, garlic and sour cream.. well, unusual.. very tasty.. quick and simple
295 4.5 20м 2
Dessert cocktail.
And again sprats. The search for the ideal
274 4 180м -
And what they describe... Unless someone has not seen sprats? However, these homemade...
Cocktail "happy birthday!"
177 - - -
Today is the birthday of a remarkable man Lyubochka (howcast), and this cocktail sing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Cocktail "The Vikings"
163 - - -
A great alcoholic cocktail. For the bar "Virtual drink"

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