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What to cook from Smelt more

Fried smelt "Dinner on the seaside of a fisherman"
0.8k - 20м 2
If your significant other is an avid fisherman, there is nothing easier to please him is to cook him for dinner a dish of his catch. My husband is to fish in all of the world prefers smelt. He is an avid fisherman since childhood. Now we have, again, a season of ice fishing this fish. But to cook a romantic dinner of just fried fish and the most delicious, it is primitive. So I decided to do the fish in the form of snacks, especially because smelt delicious both hot and cold. And it made Korean sauce, which was taught to me by the future in-law. They are Koreans, and the sauce they always have on the table for all meals. While future SWAT also, incidentally, an avid fisherman. Thus it is possible to file any smaller fish.
Dried fish in a electric dryer
0.6k - - -
A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.
Ear of pisca
196 - 30м 6
In the Bay area "Peter the Great" are 4 types of korosec. The smallest of them - pisc. Reaches a length of from 5 to 10 cm, But despite its size, this smelt incredibly delicious, has an amazing scent of fresh cucumber and, most importantly, caught (and consequently sold) nearly year-round. I want to tell you how to cook this fish is very tasty, easy, healthy soup.
Simple sneki
187 - 40м 4
Extremely crispy fish! Is eaten immediately, as seeds. It is perfect to a glass of cold beer, and with the salad it perfectly.
Patties of fish
187 - 60м 20
Burgers juicy, soft, delicious crispy crust. Sometimes you want something simple and useful. Recipe of cutlets from fish - lean. You can add the eggs. But even without them adding the meatballs hold their shape well due to the starch in potatoes. Burgers will decorate the holiday table and will delight you during Lent.
Smelt, baked in a slow cooker with onion and cheese sauce
181 - 40м 4
I love fish but tired of monotonous meals, sometimes you want to experiment. Often, experiments fail. :-) Especially when you consider that I love to eat, even with a limited diet, and I like to cook, but standing "eternal flame" I have not, unfortunately, possible. So in the kitchen I have my best friends, slow cooker, convection oven, microwave with convection and vaccinia. Now, I submit to your judgment, my dear fellow cooks, the dish for the slow cooker. Smelt fish specific, just fry her already tired, and the fish all like and want. :-) So I tried to cook. Quick, tasty, unusual. My family liked it. :-)

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