What to cook from Cappuccino more

Cake "Cappuccino"
157 4.3 - -
Offer you a quick and delicious cake - a great way for those who love to pamper their Pets sweetie, but time-consuming baking the enough time. The cake turned out tender, light and airy - very difficult to stop!!
Cake "Cappuccino"
152 4 - 10
Cake with coffee flavor! Delicious!
Walnut-chocolate Babka "Bailey"
149 - 180м 22
Who is not sorry in the dough liquor "Bailey" who loves nuts, cappuccino and chocolate, who is not afraid of extra calories - all are invited to air, mega chocolate, soft as a feather, grandmother. This lovely cakes congratulations favorite "cook" happy anniversary and treat all of you - our friendly, loved ones and family chefs already!!!
Cake "Coffee fluff"
141 - - -
Tasty, tender, light cake for the holiday. A lot of cottage cheese and cream filling with the addition of coffee and chocolate, and very thin light cookie. To prepare it the day before serving the cake the night stood in the refrigerator.
Dessert "Pull me up"
117 - 30м 3
Dessert a divine taste which happened to see on the channel STS. Leading the program was Ilona Bronevitskaya. Watching RTR and suddenly the channel is disconnected instead of turn on the channel STS. And so, because of this surprise, I learned two Italian recipe, (i.e. two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday, the TV decided after the holidays to indulge my sweet tooth ). The first was the pie, "San Marino".
Cheesecake "latte"
115 - 200м 8
"Cafe Latte". Who doesn't love cheese cakes? And not just cakes and soft cheese madness, in which delicately infused coffee and chocolate flavours, which is so persistently again and again extends our hand, I invite you to a tasting of this wonderful dessert!

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