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Soup "Lamb on the meadow"
336 4 - -
Very tasty and healthy soup that will satisfy any palate.
Leg of lamb recipe Gluzsky
237 4 - 10
This recipe I found, by doing an audit of its a hundred notebooks. Once upon a time on one of the anniversaries of VGIK us stupid green lab, and it dictated Mikhail Gluzsky. To cook it I decided for the first time. And the first time I got the lamb, which when cut oozed amber juice, and meat (with feet!) melted in your mouth...
Baked roulade of lamb shoulder with aromatic herbs
164 - - -
Friends, and You wonder even on new year's eve gala menu? Do not know how anyone, but I have to slowly make your list. Recently baked roll stuffed with herbs, garlic and olive oil (mmm... feel, Yes, what flavor comes only from one of the names of the ingredients), it was so good, I decided that I would definitely serve it on a hot on the Christmas table. But the first day, already the remainder of this loaf I will have a cold snack! I cut them into slices, put in a pita with fresh vegetables and lettuce, take a thermos of hot tea, and we'll go to the forest to barbecue! A great loaf which is good hot (as a main dish) or cold (as cold appetizer), just recommend!))
Baked lamb with prunes
163 5 360м 6
For admirers of lamb and baked meat. One of the most delicious variations that I've tried.
Leg of lamb baked
151 5 60м 6
What could be more delicious baked mutton? try. Gifts to women on March 8.
Lamb with mint and oregano
142 - 90м 6
Those who are concerned about the unpleasant smell of mutton, you just have to remember that there are seasonings and spices. Lamb well any herb of the family Lamiaceae – thyme (thyme), savory, marjoram and oregano. The French cooking one of the traditional dishes of "Gigot with the piste", slicing open the leg of lamb to the bone, fill the incision pistou (a mixture of garlic, Basil, parsley and bacon), sew the edges, smeared with butter and baked in the oven. But the British leg of lamb served always with a mint sauce that has an obvious Oriental roots. The continental Europeans in this addiction is not seen, for example, the French take this weed very rarely, but the British mint sauce and mint jelly is a classic accompaniment of mutton and lamb. Perhaps the British seasoning is to adopt us, we have the benefit of mint is rife, and it is, incidentally, well beats the taste of lamb fat. The material is provided magazine "the Deli."

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