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Milk-strawberry cocktail
183 4 15м 4
A nice dessert that is easy and quick to prepare.
The ideal formula compote
182 - - -
For your beloved kids: strawberry+strawberry+cranberry+mint. After the introduction of complementary feeding my baby was an extraordinary appetite, ate everything and always. Even when peeling potatoes, shouting "Day!". As we rejoiced, but not for long... The whims is not willing, then I will not. And if his eating habits, we've determined that, the drink was more difficult. He drank only water and yogurt. And I went in the experiments: raspberry compote, blueberry jelly... the perfect formula compote for synuli has been found!!! This compote, it is ready to drink from morning to evening. In General, won health and a mother's love! :)
Strawberry-yogurt sauce
180 - 15м 2
Fragrant sauce with strawberries. Aroma of summer strawberries, taste great. A light and tasty sauce for pancakes and fritters.
Strawberry-strawberry mix for custard
171 - 30м 5
Can't stop in the preparation of desserts and dishes with strawberries... she (strawberry) continues to please his abundant harvest, and I their loved pet different Goodies with it! I invite you to enjoy these juicy and flavorful berries! Thank you Valerie for Nasypowa inspiration with glasses...
Strawberry liqueur
163 3 - -
In the same way you can prepare a liqueur of strawberries
Drink "Fragrant summer"
155 - 20м 24
In my opinion and taste a good drink. Exclusively to the place, just when the fuck the sun and very thirsty. In category there is no definition of my drink, the most harmless name - "stewed", but it's not a compote, strictly speaking, it is the drink itself. Even, if to say exactly - broth.

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