Alder smoke

What to cook from Alder smoke more

Veal with potatoes
127 4 120м 4
Great easy recipe, delicious meals
Braised beef with potatoes in the oven
111 4 120м 4
Dear cooks! Don't know if anyone makes something similar, but post your recipe for cooking delicious steak any beef in the oven.
Smoked squid and snack with him
108 - 30м 3
The first time I smoked something in the kitchen. "in the presence of absence" of the smokehouse was very interesting. The appetizer turned out light and very tasty!
Smoked Ukrainian fat
99 - 45м 10
Here in the previous recipes showed how to pickle bacon. Decided to smoke one of the pieces. The result just knocked down... watch the video. To be honest... the first time was so afraid... that it might not work.
Doctoral dietary sausage peas
93 3 60м 50
The recipe is from the website of the magazine "Gastronom". Tested in my kitchen with some additions. Unusual, satisfying, very much like a real sausage. Photo, unfortunately, did not, but even after following cooking. Photo made by user Nina in the framework of "Coloring"

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