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What to cook from Catfish more

Catfish in soy batter
300 - 25м 4
Battered fish every tasty. Now imagine, tender catfish in a spicy batter with soy sauce, presented?! So to cook.
Pickle "Azzolini"
268 - 40м 6
Mature women Cook And pickle the young maidens Prepare Osolnik! Suddenly the skies brighten On the horizon of the scarlet sails! And young Assol, In the form of Goodies will Feed Solnica long-Awaited Prince! The dish turned out Well, just "AH!" The recipe we will write in verse!
Salad "Nibbler"
256 5 - -
Delicious and very delicate salad of catfish smoked.
Spotted wolffish grilled
246 - 40м 10
Spotted wolffish is a marine fish in the order Perciformes. Less common than its relatives and striped wolffish. Perhaps this explains the fact that in stores it not such a frequent visitor. How many sea rocks, she's not too bony, it makes it easier and cooking, and drinking. Spotted catfish meat is quite fatty, very tender, like it or bake it, like it or bake, it's still a bit jelly-like, while it's hot. So for example, I more like to eat it when the fish has cooled, even better the next day and not warming up: I like a firmer texture. But it is only a matter of taste and personal preferences. Fish is good and hot, and cold. And very successfully combined with sesame seeds, which I used in the batter.
Catfish clothes
226 - - -
The tender meat of catfish surrounded by succulent vegetables...
Pie with catfish
183 - - -
Such pie you can bake any of the dough. I tried out a new recipe and was pleasantly surprised. The dough for this recipe very easy to prepare, and the result will certainly surprise you. Cakes are soft, airy dough very tasty.

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