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Dumplings with cottage cheese
0.7k 4 40м -
As not eating meat, I love dumplings with cottage cheese... Share them with all of you :)))
484 4 - -
As from the purchase of pizza make a delicious meal
Lazy hut
472 4 - -
"Monastic hut", "Winter cherry", "Hill" Names... very, very much. And this option was born when it was necessary, this cake, and make it had in between shifts...
Lepeshechki for tea
471 4 - -
I think each family it happened that when making dumplings or ravioli filling was over faster test. Usually test a small piece, from which nothing will. So I have this time left a piece of dough from cooking steam vegetable rolls. And the next day I made a wonderful lepeshechki for tea. Mom so often did when the dough was left. Tastes like crunchy twigs. And since the dough without eggs, in this case, it is a very lean dish. So you can indulge in lepeshechki even those who are fasting.
Hamur al
438 3 40м 5
Large triangles stuffed with meat, sprinkled with grated walnuts and drizzled with melted butter! Laid out in layers on a dish, each layer sprinkled with nuts!
Soup "Krasnaya Polyana"
427 - - -
Easy, delicious, spicy

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