Wheat groats

What to cook from Wheat groats more

0.6k - 60м 8
Cube baked. Arab cuisine. It was based included the minced meat with the addition of bulgur. It is baked, kibbi, which is a pie stuffed with meat.
Ear Royal
340 5 40м 4
It does not describe
Porridge "Mix"
292 - 40м 10
There are families where the porridge garnish not recognize. I advise you to try to cook - once upon a time I read the recipe, and I have never been let down. Another recipe is good because "picks up the crumbs," i.e. you can use small remnants of the croup. And the benefits I did not even say!
277 3.3 90м 6
I made couscous! Done! Long was going to do it, but did not dare. I believe that every dish has its own soul, and it is necessary to understand before starting to cook. Dishes such as couscous are widely distributed in the Mediterranean countries. They are prepared with lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables, chickpeas, raisins, hundreds of options. What unites them all, the small groats of durum wheat (couscous) and the method of cooking: for a couple.
Porridge "Friendship" of the 4 cereals
257 - - -
A cereal I have to convince to eat his son, but "Friendship" uletaem instantly. This is because the porridge cooking in the form of a game together, tell the tale (which I found on the Internet), divided by role and can't wait when she will cook and swell. Sweet porridge with milk made from buckwheat, millet, rice and bulgur, which combines amazing and "friends".
Pickle "superfood"
252 3 30м 4
This recipe of pickle, I have never seen. Although... a pickle is a pickle. As always, cucumbers, barley... But this is my recipe to try I recommend to fans of the brine soups. Tastier I have not tried.

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