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Fried noodles with pork and vegetables. Original noodle Japanese recipe.
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Delicious and nutritious noodles, which perfectly can be eaten hot, warm and even cold. No need to heat, no need sweating over the ingredients. Just cook the noodles and throw in the meat, something fish or just vegetables, pour sauce ready. But we still going to talk about one recipe, which will give you an understanding about cooking this delicious wheat noodles. Traditionally it is cooked in a pan wok.
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This is an original dish from Indian cuisine. Like pasties, but smaller. In India love to use a lot of spices and herbs to dishes. So samosas are different from the pasties their flavours and content.
Tava kababi
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The Azerbaijan cuisine. Using the translation from Turkish kebab. Not all kababi in Azerbaijani cuisine made in the traditional method. I want to offer to your attention a simple recipe varieties kababa - tava kababi (kababa in the pan).
Royal wings
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Dedicated I deeply respected, hard-working Chinese people! Unusual option of cooking chicken wings.
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Tincture sweet, almost a liqueur

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