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Croissant with ham
225 - - -
This croissant is perfect for Breakfast, snack or midnight feast. And is suitable for children and nature. The combination of toasted croissant, ham and cheese strata should you like.
Croissant-sandwich with salmon
145 - 20м 2
Want to offer an interesting option for a quick Breakfast or snack during the day! We need a ready-made croissants, and for the filling will suit light-salted salmon surrounded by lush greenery! A great addition will be cream cheese!
Pudding croissants
142 - 45м 4
Found this recipe in a beautiful book "French Recipes". Once I started cooking, I realized that something is wrong... Especially if you cooked it at least once, immediately see all mistakes of the edition. Still don't understand why we produce publications for "browse", especially when it comes to baking. The recipe very much and in the end it turned out very tasty. But I had to experiment, that is, in the process.
Sandwich croissants to flavorful filling
138 - - 3
Prepare a morning coffee, a casserole of delicious croissants with cream cheese, ham and tomato, fragrant filling. The smell wafting through the rooms, raise the morning coffee to our loved ones.
Croissants with apples
135 - - 1
Great, very simple but no less delicious recipe! Can serve as dessert for lunch or dinner and a hearty Breakfast. Tea, coffee, cocoa - either way will be yummy! Bon appetit! Author Yulia Vysotskaya, for which she thanks a lot.
Croissants with delicate brie cheese
132 - 10м 1
Very quick and easy to prepare dish that you can make your family for Breakfast and dinner. And will also serve You an excellent buffet meal.

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