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Algerian chicken soup with couscous
0.6k - 60м 4
Oh, what came of soup. Thick, rich, flavorful, hearty. Cooked for lunch, but gladly ate and dinner. Gorgeous soup! Eat it?
Cake-salad "Amorous"
0.5k 4 - -
The idea was prompted by the cooks from the cook! I love our website - lots of interesting and wonderful can be found here!
Place the chicken in Coca-Cola
411 - 60м 4
I know I know that is bad, but this recipe failed. Please do not throw Slippers at once due to the fact that in the recipe there is "Coca Cola". Cause You know at the end of the recipe.
The chicken with fragrant rice
387 5 90м 5
Beautiful chicken legs with a crispy crust made with rice and aromatic spices. A delicious dinner for the whole family you can prepare from simple ingredients. It seems to be a simple combination of chicken and rice, but it is necessary to slightly change the way of cooking and we get a completely new dish. For those who do not like to prepare every time the same offer their own version of this delicious dinner.
Chicken drumsticks with vegetables
309 - 100м 6
Recipe – a godsend for busy Housewives! Chicken drumsticks cooked with vegetables - hearty, juicy and tasty dish. In the process of roasting retains all the juices and aromas are wonderful combined together. The recipe comes to the rescue when there's no time to cook. Vegetables can choose according to your taste.
Chicken legs with crispy skin
265 3 180м 6
A win-win combination of garlic, lemon and rosemary

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