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What to cook from Yogurt more

0.9k - 70м -
Zucchini - Afghan or "Borani Kadu". Very tasty dish-snack. Served as a first course with rice, or as a mezze. Savory and spicy, like all Oriental dishes. Please try it..)))
Salad "Moonflower"
0.9k - - -
Tender and juicy salad that is not ashamed to apply to any table. It is useful and not very nutritious, with a light dressing based on yogurt. Green misunderstanding on top - the attempt to portray the same moonlight flower... how I imagine it)))
Salad "Salvatore"
0.8k - 20м 3
In one Italian restaurant I first tried this salad. I really wanted to spoil my wife and make something similar. Long time not been able to find on the Internet anything like it. However, miracles do happen and one day I managed to find an interesting recipe. Slightly modified his version and I hasten to share with you...
Appetizer-salad "Piedmont"
0.6k - - 2
This appetizer salad is cooked in one favorite us restaurant Italian cuisine. Although all the ingredients are the most common, the taste will not disappoint you. At least on our Christmas table this salad took the place next to Olivier and Shuba.
Cottage cheese-yogurt cake "Little Prince"
0.6k 3 - -
This cake I made for the birthday of his beloved little son, three years old. The cake turned out great. Very easy and gentle. The idea of this cake I took one culinary website. Here, however, I can't remember what since it was long ago...
Salad "No worse than Olivier"
0.5k - - -
Why this name? Explain. So twenty years ago, when on any holiday table just had to stand in a basin of Olivier, I sent my wife to the store with a long list of all "necessary". All bought, well done! But about the potatoes forgotten. But acquired, it is not clear why, big, juicy, bright bell peppers. Beautiful, said attracted attention. What can you do... instead of potatoes and went for a salad pepper. Great salad turned out! Husband ate it and praised, saying: "And no worse than Olivier!". A recipe and stuck under the same name. Try it!

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