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Slices of Turkey breast cooked in Italian
382 - 30м 3
This dish is very simple and quickly prepared from the pulp of Turkey, chicken or other pieces of"scraps" of meat in a very tasty sauce, in a very short time. To tell stories for a long time I will not go and try... the Result is this recipe, I just conquered the speed, simplicity and deliciousness! Loved it all, from small to large.
293 - 30м 4
The Swedes are big fans of pancakes, waffles, and pancakes. Thursdays - pancakes day. Many restaurants serve pea soup and waffles with lingonberry jam for lunch. Today I want to introduce you to one of the Swedish dishes - kreft-Skagen with savory waffles. "He" translated from Swedish by cancer. And I'll treat you waffles stuffed with crayfish necks.
Cake "Five point"
243 4.5 - -
A surprise Birthday. This cake is "walked" on the Day of Birth. Initially, it was decided that the cake I bake, and then one day there was a question about what kind. Our male colleagues after some discussion, unanimously said that there must be something very special, funny and memorable. And after thinking a bit said in unison that they want the cake-butt (I Think it makes no sense to say that the birthday boy and had no idea what awaits him?! :) Well - said than done. However, all was still, and any comments about the composition of the cake, to chocolate, to cherry, so not the usual sour cream, so that is not too sweet, etc. in Short I had to break down. But everything was even more than successful. The cake turned out amazing - very rich and non-hackneyed taste, very soft and tasty. The birthday boy was delighted. Cake to "official" sweet table did not live to see it taken away bit by bit. In short all were very pleased. Well, the name was invented by my husband :)
Cold soup of avocado
169 - 20м 4
Yesterday we with my friends decided to get together and celebrate the holidays in may. And lunch to do something unusual. It turned out super-unusual for an Amateur. You be the judge. The idea is taken from the book "Cooking for you", burda.
Caramel cheesecake mousse no-bake
167 - 60м 8
I wanted the tea sweet, and no gas. But the recipe Ira jazzinitup really helped with some small changes. Tender, flavorful.
Chocolate strawberry shortcake "Jubilee"
166 5 60м 12
My gratitude to you, my dear, for the wishes and greetings - the recipe is light, refreshing, chocolate-strawberry cake.

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