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Cake Favorite
1.1k 4 - -
Very beautiful and delicious cake. Your beloved will appreciate your creation.
Pork in a sauce of port wine
244 3 40м 6
Carne de porco com vinho do Porto. One of the most famous Portuguese wines - port wine of Porto. There is a whole collection of recipes "port". One of these very original recipes I want to share. Pork tenderloin, chestnuts, port wine, coffee... If you're interested, then you here!
Sweet hot red wine with spices
214 3 - 4
Sweet hot red wine with spices
Pork spicy Chinese
205 4 - -
Delicious pork - spicy, spicy. Good home cooking and very delicious, cooked on the grill at the cottage, in nature. Recipe from the book Yulia Vysotskaya.
Mulled wine, variations on a theme
196 - - -
Mulled wine is hot alcoholic drink based on wine. Traditionally used in Austria, Germany, UK and Scandinavia for the Christmas markets and festivals that are held outdoors. Mulled wine - a drink that is except for the stomach, and warms the soul. Therefore, preparing the mulled wine, do not forget the "season" him with his warmth and good humor. Here I offer several options of this wonderful drink. Yes, there are recipes for mulled wine, I've been all over them, but such variations under such names I found.
Pancakes-the heart "favorite" with berries
176 - 15м 4
Beautiful pancakes with berries, fragrant sauce will delight the whole family. A piece of summer in winter!

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