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What to cook from Fern more

Zrazy with fern
382 - 90м 10
Young curled fern shoots are approximately 15-20 cm From these, you can prepare side dishes, just fried mushrooms, or use as additional ingredients to cook other dishes.
Pizza "Kamchadale"
186 - 60м 5
The option of fresh pizzas cooked often when I lived on the Kamchatka Peninsula, now rare, but highly recommend. Fern is very tasty and healthy.
Fern with beans
158 - 20м 3
Unusual, tasty, healthy dish. Contains a lot of vitamins.
Pancakes with fern
144 - 30м 3
In the second half of may in our area, there are young shoots of a fern. Learn their easy to assemble and easy. Some argue that the young fern is not as tasty as salty, not as bright mushroom tone gives. With this you can bet. But you can not argue – just to collect, prepare and compare. Fern can be cooked as a separate dish or as a side dish. And can be used as additional ingredient for cooking more complex recipes. Such as pancakes.
Soup with fern
135 - 40м 4
Found this recipe by accident. For several years, his relatives indulge in this wonderful dish.
Buckwheat-Kamchatsky with fern and squid
135 - 30м 2
There was a period in my life when I lived on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and has kept the warmest memories of this region. Fern. That it eats, I learned it was there and there he learned to cook. This is a very tasty and healthy. It tastes similar to mushrooms. In the same way as the mushrooms, salt for the winter in barrels.

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