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What to cook from Kalina more

256 4 - -
Here "arrived" I have another kalhúa in it. This time I made it with Kalina. Turned out pretty tasty, with a slight bitterness (which is inherent in Kalina), but the bitterness tastes good. The only maybe disadvantage here insist it should be about a month, but nothing worth the wait (for me).
The Drink Kalinka
173 5 - -
Perfectly refreshing in hot weather! Source - the magazine "Food for the whole family."
Cranberry-viburnum Morse
169 - - -
Useful vitamin drink from the journal "Delicious recipes".
Morse "December"
168 3 40м 8
Offer a recipe of the cranberry juice, cranberries and ginger. Morse turns bright red rich color with excellent taste and aroma. During a meeting of the New year, and that a sin to conceal, many after the holiday will be nice to get out of the refrigerator the juice and quench your thirst.
Fruit kvass
165 5 - -
This brew can be prepared as fruit and berries. When making berry and fruit juices inevitably remain pressed. They usually immediately thrown away, although often they still contain considerable amounts is not extracted juice. However, there is a simple way to extract the remains of the juice from the pulp, and to cook, as do I, great fruit (berries) and water. We will focus on the brew from the brew of cranberries and apples.
Juice "Apple and honey spas"
161 - 30м 10
In the summer the curtain happened to me so unusual the usual kompotik. Summer Apple flavor with hints of autumn berries. As for the window - it's still summer, and the smell of fall. for the contest "Burnt by the sun"

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