Rice brown

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Salad with squid and rice "color mix"
302 - 20м 2
A very interesting variation of the salad with squid! Hearty, delicious, healthy! Quite a remarkable lunch or dinner!
The rascals
295 - 35м 6
Such a funny name I met in the book "Recipes of Ukrainian cuisine". As it turned out, the rascals - it's succulent sausages from the Turkey and cheese. For a side dish you can serve delicious brown rice INDICA BROWN
177 - 60м 6
With the words: "This is my favorite Indian dish" - this is the recipe shared with me by my close friend Amar (Marina) Marshenkulova, which for many years living and working in India and periodically pleases us coming to their homes. Gave has become my favorite dish, but it is not only delicious, but also useful. I think we all know how lentils are rich in protein and minerals. And yet, I want to note that this is a great meatless dish. If you are going to fast, you can just delete the butter.
Rice with chicken and vegetables
174 - - -
Near our house opened a restaurant with Asian cuisine, where they make food to go. Husband one evening brought a few boxes of food. I'm a big fan of Asian food, but gladly ate the whole box. And read up surprised at the simplicity of the ingredients. I present to you a dish based on, delicious and healthy!
Soup deceptive "As from the package"
169 - 40м 5
You know, all kids like soup packets. No exception and my granddaughter. But I thought the recipe and for several years, "cheat". Incidentally, many have found the difference, wondering - as I, and make soup from a package?!
Sweet braised carrots with rice and dried fruit
167 - 30м 1
Each family is required to have carrots in the bins, but it is almost always used as part of some meals. However, steamed carrots - delicious, healthy and the right dish, it can also be used as a side dish. I think You will not be disappointed!

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