What to cook from Flounder more

Flounder, baked with mushrooms
268 - 30м 4
Offer you a totally simple recipe, the fish turns out very tasty. I cooked fillet of flounder, you can take any fish fillet. The combination of fish with mushrooms it may seem surprising, but it's worth a try, I assure that everyone will be pleased.
Salad "Sea "
240 3.5 - -
A very tasty dish.
Gugler, Flounder, Sole Duglere
144 4 30м 4
Fillet of sole in white wine garnished with onions and tomatoes and white butter sauce
Flounder with tomatoes
139 - - -
Gentle. juicy, flavorful fish.
Flounder "simple"
131 5 - -
Looked on the website there are different flounder, but the simplest is no reason.
Flounder with potatoes, arugula, cherry tomatoes and cream of asparagus and parsnip
124 - 15м 1
It's very simple and affordable.

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