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What to cook from Eclairs more

Cake "Saint-honoré"
232 4 180м 20
Gateau Saint-honoré, also known as "Ball Cake" covered by a shiny caramel eclairs for holiday built on a crispy layered pastry. Ornate cake named after a Saint — Saint Honore ( Saint Honore ) — the defender and protector of French confectioners and bakers, whose feast day is may 16. The French know how to give big names to their delights and necessarily associated with the legend. And we this Eclair cake layered on dough.
Mirror chocolate glaze for eclairs and cakes
222 - - -
Mirror glaze is my favorite. It looks spectacular, practically does not melt and does not stick to surfaces (be it Cutlery or fingers). Although the latter property depends on the recipe. It should be noted that there are many versions of the mirror glaze (with honey, condensed milk, dry milk, butter), but the same components of any prescription are gelatin and chocolate (sometimes cocoa). I imagine his version of the mirror glaze for eclairs. This cute cakes we have a family I love, and I have very often to cook them. So the recipe for the glaze, you might say, passed the test of time.
The cake from ready-made custard balls
183 4 15м 6
For those who don't like to cook but love to eat.
Custard cakes with chicken liver pate
150 4 - -
Eclairs with chicken liver pate. This is my favorite recipe for chicken liver pate. What's his secret, I'll tell you if you look... And to supply this time I used already a favorite eclairs. Deliciously, beautifully, and comfortably for the reception.
Fried ice cream in the eclairs
137 - - 2
"Hot Ice". The idea of this dish I saw on TV, but record did not, therefore, reproduced already in its own way. Insanely delicious dessert: eclairs filled with ice cream, fried tempura fried. And on top of honey and sesame seeds... Just imagine how You bite a hot, drizzled with honey Eclair, and inside a melting ice cream... Yummy out of this world! Enjoy your favorite dessert so! They definitely will thank You!
Fish snack in the eclairs and pita bread
127 - - -
In fact, the appetizer -- the Queen of the table. It happens that until the main course comes, and everything is "pentacostalist"! Sit, well-fed, happy! I'm like that. And to me there is no greater pleasure than the fish dish. And that is just it, Yes, more, more!

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