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Team meat Soljanka
0.6k - - -
Arrived cold and wet weather, by this time the soup arrived. Well, what could be better than soup in this weather? But if a glass? It is a fairy tale. Solyanka is like borscht, everyone has their own, according to this I want to share his many years of proven prescription.
Sandwiches in Cretan and Spanish
365 - 20м -
I want to introduce you to the Spanish sandwich called the "Breakfast poor Andaluza" and Cretan sandwich"Ease". Dakos is one of the most popular traditional Cretan dishes. Colorful, juicy and very tasty snacks. Both in their own way very tasty and easy to prepare.
Pizza with scarola
349 - 90м -
Simple to prepare and very tasty neapolitanskaja pizza. Lightweight, good cold and hot.
Italian salad barley
321 - 15м 6
Pearl barley ( barley ) quite unfairly deprived of our attention. This is a valuable and nutritious product, containing essential amino acids, as well as more than ten percent protein, which nutritional value is superior to wheat. I offer a simple salad of pearl barley, in which it " sounds" in new ways. Recipe from Helium Deleris.
Salad vegetables on the grounds of the khorovats
316 - 40м 4
Long doubted whether to put this recipe, it's so simple. But as tried to cook it again and again, I decided that recipe. Its origins, this salad takes from Armenian khorovats. In fact "khorovats" is the Armenian barbecue. This salad (and maybe snack) roasted vegetables has the same name, whether because it is prepared directly in front of barbecue and serves as a complement to meat, whether due to the similar way of cooking. However, this dish is good as a company to the barbecue, or as a standalone course goes on "cheers&qu ot;. Variants of this salad as many variants of borscht, in every family it is prepared differently. Therefore, the authenticity of the recipe not expect, just offer your own version, maybe for someone it will become "her".
Salad "Tuscany"
313 5 30м 4
Salad with a slightly salty taste, perfect for dishes of potatoes.

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