Oil mustard

What to cook from Oil mustard more

Pork in sweet marinade
279 - - 2
Tender and flavorful meat with a slightly crispy crust. It is also possible to cook on the grill or grill pan! Help yourself!
Grandma's cake "Easter"
193 - 200м 12
Offer the recipe is flavorful, moist juicy cake! It is heavy, but porous, with a memorable aftertaste, long stored for this long does not get stale and crumbly!
Whole wheat bread with bran and seeds
168 - - -
Very fragrant, tasty and healthy bread. The aroma of the baking bread in a mustard unrefined oil. If you don't like him - add unrefined sunflower oil. Interested? Come on in and I'll treat you.
Muffins with a secret
159 - 90м 6
The secret to these scones is one ingredient - it gives the cakes a unique taste and aroma. What could it be?.. Those interested are invited to Sunday tea with homemade cakes))
Bread mustard milk
151 4 190м 12
Bread is cooked in a dry mustard. The crust turns out nice crispy.
Vegetable porridge of rice, "Jasmine"
151 - - -
What is fragrant rice "Jasmine", turned mess from it an aromatic, bright and very useful.

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