What to cook from Eyeglasses more

Oatmeal with Apple-cinnamon taste
254 - - -
Your body will thank you for such a delicious and healthy Breakfast.
My supik
179 3 - -
Flavorful and hearty soup!
Smoothie "Fitness"
164 - 5м 2
Very suitable for those who are on a diet)
Brownies "chocolate Paradise"
158 4.5 - -
Tender, delicious cakes, with pineapple and pumpkin, with a layer of bitter chocolate. Great for tea parties! I got the idea from the site jazzedcook. com (I asinine for step-by-step pictures - my camera died)
Oatmeal cookies healthy-diet
156 - 15м 2
These biscuits have no calories and are very useful, because it is made without flour, without oil, without sugar! Very simple and quickly done! Can safely chew) but for the sweet tooth may not fit.
Muffins new
153 - - 10
Like the pastries as well as I love her?) Often, it is not particularly useful, and I found a delicious recipe "healthy" muffins that will not leave marks on the figure (if you eat in reasonable quantities). Without flour, oil, available, cheap ingredients, nutritional value, pleasant taste-it's all about them:)

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