Oyster mushrooms

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Delicious and nutritious noodles, which perfectly can be eaten hot, warm and even cold. No need to heat, no need sweating over the ingredients. Just cook the noodles and throw in the meat, something fish or just vegetables, pour sauce ready. But we still going to talk about one recipe, which will give you an understanding about cooking this delicious wheat noodles. Traditionally it is cooked in a pan wok.
Salad with tongue and shiitake
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Offer to cook a very delicious salad. The structure includes a tongue, oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumber, and dressing moderately spicy, savory, so to speak. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Korean hot and sour soup with oyster mushrooms
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I will not categorically state about the affiliation of this soup for Korean food, but I fed them to my daughter-in-law is Korean. It is very tasty, fragrant, of course, a little juicy and specific. But spicy food lovers should like. And this soup will help those who are watching their figure and adheres to the Post.
Salad "Went speckled mushrooms..."
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Left after my guests fried chicken... neither here nor there! For two with my husband to share, so it is not enough... And then bought oyster mushrooms on occasion. And then I remembered that I have in store for the recipe of the salad, where the chicken and oyster mushrooms are... Looked in the fridge, Bah!!! The rest of the ingredients in stock... Hooray! That's it for dinner and make. The name of the salad were born spontaneously. One of my friends calls it "Zest", but then it is rather "Chernosliv nka". Actually, I learned this recipe from a wonderful television program, which was once Alla Budnickaya - "From a woman's life". What a pity that she "died" (mean, Budnitskaya, thank God, alive!).
Rice salad with chicken, cashews and oyster mushrooms
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Very interesting salad.
Mini vegetable rolls for a couple
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Continue to have my steamer, so this recipe was born.

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