Brussels sprouts

What to cook from Brussels sprouts more

Soup "BM"
1k - 90м 5
This soup I learned to cook ex-husband, actually, because he - BM) the Recipe I have set up for yourself and daughter, and she and soups, in principle, not love. But this soup - soup BM - em all with pleasure. Especially dedicated to the same opposers of soups as I eat this soup all!
Casserole German style c cassiram
399 - 70м 4
In fact, nothing special, this strange word is. Kasseler (Kassler) is a salted and slightly smoked pork, but essentially something like our smoked ham. In Germany it is often used for casseroles, and even boiled, fried or just in desserts is not added. Today, I offer the option of casseroles for a family lunch/dinner, for a change, so to speak. Delicious, hearty, home-style!
Salad "thunder"
300 5 - -
Salad will amaze You with the uniqueness and richness. The unusual dressing of honey, mustard, soy sauce and ginger in combination with fried mushrooms, pears, Brussels sprouts and something else :)
Roasted Brussels sprouts
181 - 20м 2
For variety of vegetarian menu decided to use a variety of cabbage. And Brussels sprouts are no exception.
Brusselsa in cheese and cream sauce
159 3 20м 5
That's making it all up, as if to force their men to have all sorts of brusselle. Seems possible.
Salad with Brussels sprouts
158 5 20м -
Nice spicy salad with a neutral taste, suitable as a side dish (instead of potatoes) to the meat. Dense kochanchiki Brussels sprouts with a size of up to 5 cm in diameter, contain more protein and vitamins than cabbage. They're high in potassium and low in fiber. Just perfect Brussels sprouts with diet fat people, and also suffer from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Brussels sprouts contains vitamins, minerals, carotenes and chemicals of plant origin that contribute to the prevention of various diseases and healing the body. Beta-carotene and vitamin C have powerful antioxidant properties. Substances contained in Brussels sprouts, ensure the prevention of many diseases, including cancer of the digestive tract and lungs.

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