Red cabbage

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Salad "Cole Slaw"
1k - 20м 1
Offer you on the festive table to cook here is a fresh cabbage salad. In America and Europe it is often served with meat, variations very much, try it and such.
0.6k 5 - -
Beauty in a box. On land, probably, all know. But have you heard of Japanese Bento? Bento - literally translated as "the food in the box". This is originally a Japanese tradition associated with the preparation, serving and eating of food. A kind of "rations", consisting of rice, meat or fish and vegetables, fruit, placed in a special box that the Japanese take with you on any occasion - be it work, business trip, school excursion or a day off. Bento can be prepared at home or buy in a special shop. In the homemade Bento is always an element of creativity, love and care to your family. In addition to the above it should be noted that obento plays a very important role in everyday Japanese culture. The art of selecting components for Bento and serving are some of the signs of a good wife/mother, and besides – thus, it is possible to Express your love and care for the dearest people. There are about a thousand types of Bento. In this recipe, we will discuss with you the preparation of Kyaraben — Bento, made in the form of men or animals. And also, you will see some ideas for your own unique Bento.
Salad "0 calories" from red cabbage
396 - 15м 6
Salad "0 calories" from red cabbage with an original seasoning. It is believed that red cabbage, raw beets, radishes, carrots and greens - the negative calorie foods, i.e., their digestion the body expends more energy than they provide in calories. Like it or not, but this salad is certainly useful and good for the diet or for those who like crunch. And the extra flavor it gives light dressing with an Oriental touch.
Salad "Fastovsky"
376 - 15м 4
After the holidays the apartment announced a month buckwheat-salad diet... Well, buckwheat all clear. And the salad... in Fact... (the etymology of the name of the salad is unknown)
Salad "Name"
318 - 20м 6
If you have no time, do not have to come up with something extraordinary. Fragrant, bright, delicate dish with red cabbage with the use of variety to your menu, because it can add bright colors to almost any salad. With this salad you can eat any dishes, for example it is perfect as a snack to potato.
Salad "Bon Appetit"
310 - - -
Suggest you try a very simple and delicious salad Austrian cuisine. Easily and quickly prepared and easily consumed!))) I found a recipe in my favorite cooking magazine "Bon Appetit", hence the name of the salad. Help yourself!

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