Savoy cabbages

What to cook from Savoy cabbages more

Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian
296 - 40м 2
Do you think that stuffed cabbage is a Ukrainian dish? Not at all! Roulades or rolls of cabbage familiar to all Europe! Just they are all prepared differently, with the national, so to speak, "highlight".
Salad Savoy cabbage Asian
285 5 20м -
Very tasty and healthy salad. Savoy cabbage is very good for health. It is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids. Savoy cabbage can be boiled, broiled, to use for salads and soups.
Lean steam cabbage rolls with Savoy cabbage
185 - 55м 3
... with tomato-garlic-sauce evye. Gentle and very easy cabbage rolls tender cabbage with rice of 4 varieties, carrots and green peas, which taste complements the spicy sauce. Dish for lent and beyond. Steamed in cocotte
Duck confit in crepes with vegetable stew
160 - 120м 8
Duck confit is probably the best thing I can cook. This recipe I use already for 15 years and always made a duck for the New year because of its wonderful aroma fills the whole house and creates a festive atmosphere. I served it with baked potatoes and vegetables. Duck is very long cooked in fat at a low temperature, literally falling apart when pressed with a fork and melts in your mouth. And duck confit disassembled into thin fibers, it is a great filler for crepes, which are served on a mattress of steamed vegetables. This stew is also very tasty, but less expensive and useful.
Cabbage rolls with Savoy cabbage
143 - - -
No one want to surprise with this dish, but not to share can't. I am a big fan of Savoy cabbage and believe it to stuffed cabbage fits best.
Cabbage rolls with Savoy cabbage in multivarka
136 - 30м 3
Certainly, the recipe of cabbage no surprise, but I'm gonna risk it spread. I know that not everyone turns to prepare cabbage for stuffed cabbage, and I was no exception. Therefore I propose a recipe for stuffed cabbage with Savoy cabbage in a slow cooker - quick, tasty and unusual. My home really like. And I like it because it really takes little time to prepare.

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