Oil corn

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Three entrees for buffet breast
1.1k - - -
Fillet of chicken breast and one Kikkoman soy sauce, some vegetables, and three different appetizers for a cocktail ready. A Pleasant New Year To You!
Barley with vegetables in the sleeve
0.5k - - -
Barley and vegetables... What prose... But, no! Pearl barley with vegetables cooked in the sleeve, is incredibly tasty. Fragrant, crumbly and soaked with vegetable juices, bright, beautiful and very appetizing. Do not pass by, help yourself!
449 - 60м 8
Basbousa - Eastern dessert traditional for Egypt. In fact it is a cake with semolina and coconut, soaked in sweet syrup. Juicy, sweet, delicious and very easy! Basbousa get even the hostess who bakes for the first time. The ingredients are readily available and easily replaceable, the most important to follow a few simple rules. Thanks to vanilla from Haas basbousa becomes even more refined Eastern fabulousness... help yourself!!!
Bread made from oatmeal and cornmeal
209 - - -
Lean bread made from oats, corn and wheat flour. The bread recipe comes from the book recipes for the bread maker "Panasonic". Very good recipe with a properly chosen ingredients. Bread is very airy, but dense enough structure, Sunny color with a crispy crust. Well, sooo delicious!!! I want to draw attention to the fact that the quality of bread depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients used. I use the baking flour of the highest quality.
207 5 60м 4
Chinese pompushki with onions, steamed. To prepare 7 - 15 minutes in the steamer.
Pork deep-fried
199 4 - 4
This recipe is from Shandong, was brought to a Beijing court cooks.

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