Oyster sauce

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Noodles with pork and vegetables in Chinese style
323 5 25м 4
A simple recipe starch noodles with pork and vegetables in Chinese, you can use any noodles, always turns out tasty)
Capcha. cellophane with meat and vegetables in Korean
272 - 30м 4
Captcha, or colloquially capce (capca) — Korean festive snacks based on starchy noodles (kuksu, funcheza, glass noodles) with meat and vegetables. Very tasty! - suggest to prepare. Appetizer can be served to the table hot as well as cold
Pork "Honore"
263 - 40м 2
One of the 4-5 Chinese dishes, almost certainly present in Japanese restaurants Chinese food. Moreover, very often the dish with the same name can be found in canteens and other such establishments. It rather resembles some kind of gruel, but still very tasty
Fried pancakes with pork and shrimp
233 - - -
Fried pancakes (spring rolls) stuffed with pork shrimp and vegetables in Shanghai style. The preparation is quite long, but they are worth it. For those who for any reasons does not eat pork or shrimp - you can replace the pork fat and chicken, shrimp - on white fish.
Shrimp in oyster sauce Chinese
227 4 20м -
Today I received a just reproach that I have not prepared something... Looked in the fridge, a locker and concocted one of these that was. And there it was, a handful of tails of tiger prawns, a handful of seafood cocktail, a handful of young octopuses and most importantly - the sauce. Well, vegetables of course.
Skewers of pork in Thai
190 - - -
Muu Ping. Tasty and juicy kebabs Thai pork called Moo Ping, cook is not difficult. All the zest, as for any other kebab in the marinade. And, of course, in the method of preparation. Thais prepare their Moo Ping on the grill over the barely glowing coals. If You have the opportunity to prepare kebabs outside a city apartment on the grill that would be great! If this is not possible, we can cook, as I do, in aerogrill. You know that the taste here is different from the taste of the kebabs from the grill. Still, the kebabs are very tasty. P. S. it is based on a recipe from the Internet with a blog about Thai cooking.

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