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What to cook from Cannon more

Salad "Membership in the summer"
240 - 30м 2
This salad is served in our favorite restaurant. the name was chosen to keep, it is so nice cold snowy winter to remember about the beautiful summer. So, let's eat, let's dive into hot summer.
Mum's porridge
164 5 25м 1
My youngest daughter doesn't eat cereal, doesn't like it! Every time you have to think of something to mask... With a "masking" can be cooked any porridge. But for Breakfast today - OATMEAL, sir!
Julep "Pineapple"
164 - 10м 2
Recipe for juicers JM8002.
Risotto with chicken livers "Officer safety"
143 - 60м 6
Dish of Turkish cuisine, you might say - a kind of pilaf, but with the liver. In this version, the pilaf looks very elegant and definitely fit for the holiday table. Form of brown pancakes is an interesting finding for the decoration of dishes. Pilaf can be used as a garnish, but as a separate dish. The recipe comes from a magazine School deli for 2011.
Roulade of chicken with starfruit and cranberry
136 - 60м -
On the festive table you always want to put in some sort of necessarily would like plenty of snacks and always original. Come, let's introduce you to another original recipe.
Fish dolma in beet leaves, "Improving"
125 5 30м 4
Very tender and tasty dish prepared specially for our strong half. Let's wash the stars on the epaulets. Join us! For the contest "give me tonight".

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