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What to cook from Caramel more

Candy "Lollipops for a school fair,"
362 - 10м -
Don't know about you, but every year I'm troubled by pangs of creation, as soon as the time comes for the school fair. I want to do something original, simple and entertaining. The main thing that was interesting to the child and quickly sold out. These recipes and want to share with you. Hope you like it. Show on the example of a Lollipop, you can take as much as necessary.
Irish Apple pie
244 4 60м 10
A simple cake, when there is no time, and you want sweet :lol: I put one big sour green Apple... the Top turns a delicious caramel. The form is better to take a small diameter - it will be higher. I had a very big form, so it came out thick with tart-Tatin.
Pie "candy Apple"
212 5 60м 1
Delicate Apple tart with caramel filling and sweet sprinkles.
Cheese flan
203 3 65м 8
Flan de queso. A very popular Spanish dessert easy to prepare.
Cake "Appearance"
200 - 180м 10
Plenitude - Full fun from Pierre Herme. Another masterpiece by Pierre hermé. His forty-two years Pierre hermé received several enthusiastic epithets as "the Picasso of desserts" (Vogue), "Emperor's kitchen" (The New York Times), "rolls-Royce of chocolate sensations" (International Herald Tribune), "Pastry king" (Le Nouvel Observateur), "Food&Wine" awarded him the title of "Pastry provocateur", "Paris-Match" speaks of him as "Pastry chef of the avant-garde and the magician of tastes". I was enchanted by the design of this dessert, but the description "Chocolate Macarons, dark chocolate with "Fleur de SEL", mousse and ganache with bitter chocolate and crunchy caramel" haunted. The search for the original prescription did not succeed, but I'm inspired by them, decided to dream up. And that's what happened. The translation sounds like "pleasure, will, consent, fullness, excess". Perhaps it was better to call it "Excess full of pleasure"!
Jam "Apples-Caramel" in the fight with the harvest
195 - - -
Strictly within the framework of "struggle with the harvest" had to shred the apples Growing in my garden Apple tree, got the "inherited" together with the garden... Sort trudnootdelemy and denoted generally as "Spanish"... Apple is phenomenal - every year an incredible number of tied fruits, of course, a big part of flaking... and that Matures huge fruits, incredible large and flavorful... But! but not winter apples! - must be immediately and ran to eat the apples. Well, we have all sorts of methods - and juice, and pies... and drenched apples - there's generally a story and a barrel to get! and hay it! and is a must have! - overcome everything... turned out Good... But new challenges - the frosts hit during a time of global warming, and the cold of an unprecedented, such that in the basement all the frozen - had an urgent way to eat these apples... ate - so much so that this year already and don't want to! - Jam? Cooked (with white chocolate)... but do not like to repeat!

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