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What to cook from Carp more

Carp royally
0.6k - - 2
And we got to eat carp, and not just carp, but royally! This is my original recipe, I don't know, maybe there is something similar on the website, but I assure you, this delicious river fish, You haven't eaten yet. To fish as a side dish I did not cook, since it can well eat inside a lot of fish with lots of eggs, which, due to the monkey increases in volume. Caviar turns a Golden color not dry, scented of tangerines. The combination is just amazing, delicious. The river fish are almost all scrawny, but I actually really like it slowly, picking stones to savor the fish. Help yourself!!!
Ear Cossack from Alexander Belkovich
292 - 60м 10
Don't really like river fish, we can say don't like... But after watching the food network " Simply the kitchen " somehow, I immediately wanted to cook this dish. Turned ear nourishing, tasty and filling with a light, unobtrusive scent.
The Royal ear
208 - 160м 10
Real Royal ear by an old recipe. Has a distinctive aroma and taste. This recipe used to prepare soup for the Russian tsars. Found it on one of the sites was a photo of the recipe from the cookbook of 1896. All recommend this recipe. Thus it is not difficult to prepare. Fish be sure to use only a river. While catfish and bream will not work. In Russia, for this ear was served pancakes with red caviar or fish.
Soup of fish
188 - 90м -
A great dish for cooking outdoors in a cauldron on the fire, but it can also be cooked at home. And the residue (if anything) can be done to make a great jelly.
Carp for the Marquis of Carabas
143 - 20м 4
For the contest "new year feast of fairy tales" the Famous puss in boots, rested from their labors, began to help the Marquis of Carabas to cope with the chores in the castle, taking on management duties in the kitchen. During the holidays he prepared the dishes of fish and game caught himself. So before the New Year he decided to please the Marquis and his family a dish made from carp caught in the lake not far from the castle.
Fish change
142 3 180м 10
Its time-tested recipe for processing small fish. Happy husband dragged with fishing mount small carp. Carp - fish is delicious, but extremely bony. What to do? Help!

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