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Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"
199 - - -
Tursia - a dish popular in Bulgaria, the literal translation means pickles, although the vegetables are marinated. No holiday or feast is not complete without this tasty, crunchy snacks. You can take any vegetable, but most often it is done with cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, green tomatoes. It is prepared as a quick option, when you can eat the next day, and as a billet for the winter. Once you try, you will always cook this yummy!
Pickles "Win"
142 - 60м -
You ask why "Winning"? Yes, because I want to give a very fine cook, Victoria (ms victoria). Today is her Birthday and I think my gift is useful to her. If you want winter is crisp and firm cucumbers, prepare them according to my recipe. Let's start...
Tomatoes with aspirin
138 4 - -
The most delicious canned tomatoes!!! The recipe for my father-in-law. In our city - is the most common variant of preservation of tomatoes. The rassolka in them stunned how delicious!
Tomatoes-the howling
133 3 - -
Spicy green tomatoes! A wonderful appetizer and under the strong drinks and so crunch, fried Yam, for example.
Homemade ketchup
130 - - -
Another ketchup recipe. I've looked at other recipes and, like, did not find, but that my only unique, can not vouch. But I can say that three years since the first time made this sauce, store-bought do not buy.
Tomatoes "Favorite"
128 - 60м 15
Hello, my dear! Summer we have painted the red side of tomatoes, and we began canning. In my opinion, is the most successful and delicious recipe of tomato. They are fragrant, tasty and delicious. My girlfriend when it comes to visit, half of the banks eats immediately, and the other half he takes with him! "can't." - says. Try these tomatoes, you will not regret!

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