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Pop-tarts or Pop-Tarts is the name of a popular stuffed biscuits come from the United States. Are two thin crispy layer of dough, between which is enclosed a sweet filling. Fillings can be very diverse, and it's incredibly tasty cookies! Prove is an annual multi-million dollar sales. But for such cookies do not have to go to an American store, its very easy to make at home. And that's not only delicious, but also funny, we'll put it on a stick and will turn out fun treats for the kids. Will show two classic toppings: "Pumpkin pie" and "Cinnamon & brown sugar"
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
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Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Pumpkin muffins with nuts
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Soft, Vlasenica useful, just melt in your mouth muffins. I advise everyone to try.
Cake "Pumpkin with cranberries"
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Author - Makosh. I did a little redesigning. The cake is very unusual, moist, with a rich aroma and taste winter. For the sweet tooth.
Cocktail "ginger"
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Yesterday I decided to "dispose" pumpkin (in the best sense of the word), i.e. make it into a puree and stick in the freezer for use in pumpkin bread. And, already making mashed potatoes, I remembered that I have a cocktail recipe with pumpkin. So spontaneously did the tasty kotalik for the whole family.
Cake "Mystery"
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Recipe from the website Jazzed Cook with some of my changes. Very tasty, tender and moist cake. Just extraordinary.

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