Pepper lemon

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Fish-lentil meatballs
292 - - -
For a variety of fish menu will fit these meatballs, which are quite self-sufficient and do not require a side dish. It is possible to apply only a light vegetable salad.
Salmon cream soup
266 5 40м 4
Soup with creamy fish flavor and rich creamy texture.
Salmon under "shrimp coat"
240 4 50м 6
Many of the necessary ingredients I didn't have, but the rich taste of this dish still I liked it.
Tortilla with zucchini and shrimp
190 - - -
Mouth-watering casserole of zucchini and shrimp, something that is necessary for a light dinner!
Carp grilled
173 - 60м 2
Insanely simple marinade for fish. In the end a great result. Even beginning the rain was a big problem when frying fish - I had to put the grill under the canopy. Turned out delicious and flavorful fish. Try it!)
Vegetable cakes with wild rice and vegetables
169 - 60м 10
Love to cook home-made scones. This time I decided to cook them with wild rice and roasted vegetables. These cakes are prepared with simple ingredients that you can find for any hostess. Lean dough turns light and fluffy. The filling can be very different.

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