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Fried celery with cashew nuts in Chinese
1.1k 5 15м -
Remembering our frequent bachelorette parties in ulubionych Chinese restaurants, I often go to the kitchen and prepare something a La Chinese. It certainly is not, but to please yourself. And that's just one salad still was hesitant to play. A salad of fried celery with cashew nuts. A recipe search on the world wide web nor to no avail. The Internet is only the name of this salad on the menu. And the recipes themselves are not. In the end, I decided to rely on intuition and try to cook this salad. Well, the taste still not the same as in the restaurant, but delicious! So I'll share with You my recipe.
0.8k - 50м 7
This Korean dish is pork fried with vegetables. I'm a little Russified it for you, dear Cooks as a condiment of Korean cuisine will not find on the Far East, and treats you really want ))) help yourself!!!
Salad spoon
0.7k 5 30м 4
Traditional Turkish salad. Original title Kashyk SALATASI. The originality of the salad that need to chop all very finely; of course, it takes a lot of time, but the Turkish team have nothing to do, sit at home and compete to see who will cut smaller))) I just rough turned)))
Salad "Shine, Tashkent"
483 - - -
Why this name? Because once the ensemble "Yalla" was a popular song, where were these lines: "Shine, Tashkent, the star of the East, capital of friendship and warmth!" That was my shining flavors of the salad! And let this version based on the legendary salad "Tashkent", but the version completely independent and very tasty. Try to feel the difference!
465 - 40м 7
In Russia each family their own recipe of borscht, and in Korea in every home your recipe pendentive. This spicy stew with meat and vegetables. Especially, for some reason, love to eat men with um, the hangover. They say, well that removes all the violent consequences of libations ))) For me, and so it is a good, spicy, although a little unusual taste. All lovers of Korean cuisine and not only, welcome to my blog!!!
Japanese salad with chicken and ginger
455 - 10м 2
If you love Japanese cuisine and pickled ginger, this salad you'll love. The salad is prepared quickly, from simple ingredients, but has its own "flavor".

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