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What to cook from Katyk more

SUJUD-PILAF - pilaf with dill and qazmaq
420 4 70м -
About the pilaf can tell a lot, especially in Azerbaijan. There are about 200 species. No visitor, having been away, not leaving until will test the main dish is pilaf. Today put one kind of pilaf with dill. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".
378 - - -
Good day! The recipe is delicious, thin, crispy Uzbek flatbread from the book of Stalik hankishiev, my debut on this site, so do not judge strictly. Please, look, cook, enjoy.
Hengel with chicken in garlic sour cream
191 - 50м 6
How many can remember mom always making this dish, it's something between gingelom and beshbarmak, a long time did not dare to expose him, because the exact name is not know and prepare his own way for many years. Most importantly the dish, so delicious that it became the signature dish of our family. And it is served on a large plate of watering garlic sour cream mmmmmmmmmm delicious!!!
Cuticle hurda
164 - - -
Cuticle hurda is Uzbek rice milk soup. Katá — fermented beverage spread among the Turkic peoples in Bulgaria. It is produced from natural milk by ripening with special bacterial cultures. From all other types of yogurt katyk you'll be cooking it from boiled milk, which provides a higher fat content. Is kept ready katyk 2-3 days. After that it becomes more sour and spicy, and can be added to fatty soups and broths. If You can't find him, try to replace his fat yogurt or very thick curd or yogurt. Cuticle hurda - flavorful and nutritious soup.
Stuffed grape leaves - dolma
150 3 40м -
Meat, pickled grape leaves, rice.
Cakes "yum"
120 4.5 - -
Cakes with delicate toppings of cabbage, eggs and cheese... Try it, you will not regret!

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