What to cook from Porridge more

221 4 30м -
If you still have buckwheat at home and have the stuffing, grechikhi for dinner.
Pancakes with peas
217 - 100м 10
This dish make for a very long time. My love. When used to cook - they all ate, now daughter sad sighs when the table pancakes, and she's on the disco. Garlic after all... And you eat the whole family, then the smell will not interfere with anybody :-)
Pancakes buckwheat porridge with carrot juice
172 - - 15
Tasty pancakes. Beautiful colors. Gentle and mild.
Cheesecakes Apple cinnamon
129 3 30м 6
Collected everything I had in the fridge, it turned out delicious cheesecakes.
Oat "pancakes"
128 - 40м -
Very simple, maybe even stupid recipe. When you want to quickly prepare a nutritious Breakfast of what is at hand =) the Taste is interesting, and the pancakes - fluffy and tender))
Airy dumplings with a secret
126 - 20м 4
Fantasy from the remnants of buckwheat... Pancakes turn out very tender!!!

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