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Cognac home
236 - 3м 11
This recipe I read in a beautiful book, I tried to do and was not disappointed, very surprised guests. Poured in a beautiful bottle and said it was very expensive cognac. Don't know if this looks like brandy, but the fact that it is delicious and natural - exactly! Smells good, easy to drink, a natural product. And you try!
Liqueur a La "Bailey" mint
218 - 20м 20
A-La - because it is homemade, but the liqueur is Very tasty. In fact, a real Irish Baileys is a combination of cream, whiskey and alcohol. But the house counterpart of this pretty expensive liqueur made with vodka, milk and condensed milk, the taste is very similar. The ingredients can vary depending on what kind of homemade recipe of Baileys you prefer. After all, in addition to the traditional Baileys Original there are also variations with chocolate, coffee, mint and caramel flavor. So choose your...
Homemade brandy-based chacha
208 - - -
A simple recipe of cognac at home-based chacha
Tincture "pioneer"
199 - 20м 30
Good day, dear cooks!!! I come to You today with a recipe of liqueurs my husband... the fact that my husband loves to experiment with different kind of alcoholic infusions... us at the bar kept a dozen different variants of this drink! He always adds some new ingredients, herbs, roots... conjures up in one word... And then after the allotted time all of this is filtered, tasted and carefully stored in the bar. Recently we had guests.. of Course tasted all the wealth.. And remained in the uttermost delight!!! All of this led me to the idea to share one of the recipes for "secret" of the tincture husband!!! I think the men will appreciate!
Infused vodka "Homemade brandy"
177 - - -
Tincture has a striking cognac color, the smell is also similar to cognac. The taste is floral with a touch of grass.
Honey liqueur with herbs
159 - - -
Fragrant liqueur with a strong taste!

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