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Fried mullet
0.6k - 30м 2
Surprisingly alluring little fish!!! So I was lured!!! Cuuuute!!!
Grilled red mullet with sauce "Savoro"
316 - - -
He who knows the taste of red mullet in the description does not need!!! Well, who doesn't know... very delicious fish with a pleasant fragrant sour sauce! This dish I first tried in one of the Greek fish tavern... to Say that I liked it - it does not say anything! Try!
Ear Lek
251 - 100м 10
Flew to winter in Egypt. Then surprise all your recipes.
Red mullet baked with mushrooms
159 4 - 6
I suggest to taste the delicious fish red mullet baked with mushrooms Yes with a tasty cheese crust. Its meat is very tender, no wonder in Ancient Rome, for large specimens of this fish have been given an equal amount by weight of silver. Our family loves the smoked mullet (in the form of its meat tastes like shrimp), and just fried it is also very tasty.
Red mullet with aromatic oil
151 - 40м 4
Continue to please my husband... this time the black sea goatfish, a pleasant memory of a vacation, and in addition fragrant... spicy... spicy oil. This oil is perfect for any fish, and perfectly complement the vegetables.
"Fishing for peas "" Lentils with red mullet
127 - 40м 5
In lent is the day of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin, in which fish is allowed. Offer a dish with fish, combining the illusion of ease is due to the red mullet and the effect of satiety - at the expense of lentils. Something Iberian in form and content. Edible and cold and hot, but in hot, perhaps it would be better.

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