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Pumpkin cream soup with chicken liver
184 - - -
Pretty simple, interesting and healthy soup. Delicate, velvety and, besides, "fun" solar colors. And in the fall so not enough sun...
Green salad with egg
175 4.7 15м 3
Green salad with vegetables and "fried" in balsamic sauce - nice and vitamin. Bon appetit!
Austrian pumpkin cream soup
163 - 50м -
The recipe for this soup I learned on one of the tours while traveling in Austria. We were in Styria, the weather was cloudy, it was raining. They took us to a small family restaurant, where lunch was served pumpkin cream soup with croutons. It was flavorful, hot and satisfying - what you need for frozen tourists!) With the help of a guide we begged the recipe from the hostess, it was very simple. One of the ingredients of the soup is pumpkin seed oil - healthy and tasty. For a bottle of Austrian pumpkin seed oil in the kitchen as well as integral, like an Italian - a bottle of olive oil. :) So, the soup!
Vegetable salad with raisins and capers
145 3 15м 4
This is one of my favorite salads! Unfortunately, have no opportunity to cook it all year round, like tomatoes for him to only use sweet vegetable, preferably grade "coeur de boeuf"-("bull's heart"), otherwise the salad will have a completely different taste. Eat it "Vitamin abundance" and be beautiful and healthy!
Pie with autumn vegetables and Turkey
143 - - 6
Cheese cake on a yeast dough with stuffing of boiled fillet of Turkey breast and stewed zamarinovat in soy sauce with vegetables. Tasty, autumnal and satisfying. Help yourself!!!
Sesame puff tart "4 cheese"
143 - 90м 6
Crispy shortbread dough and the combination of flavors of different cheeses softly shaded piquancy of arugula with Basil sauce. Why not the usual dish sparkle with new bright colors! The idea of "green hat" I saw a chef Hans Ovando.

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