Green tea

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0.8k - 20м 1
Sambo preparing my father and also learned to cook this dish. The most delicious zamba obtained from campy. It turns out very nutritious and satisfying dish. All the secrets of cooking a little I know my dad has a lot of subtleties so that the recipe is updated do not be surprised.
Fruit tea
196 4.5 15м 2
I love to drink something healthy. If we are like-minded, try to prepare this tea. Winter hot warm, and in summer it quenches thirst.
Bread with green tea and dates
193 5 - -
Tried this bread from his neighbor. And she dug him up in the vast net. I liked it very much because the taste of the bread is kind of special.
Tea with feijoa and cranberry
183 - - -
A great healthy and fragrant drink 2 to 1. Hot invigorating, in a cold refreshing.
Kalmyk tea
182 - - -
Once bought brew, which was called "Kalmyk tea". And on the package was written this recipe. Such is not found, so placed. Our family loves this tea - solonovato-sweet with a pleasant mixture of black and green tea. Try it, maybe You'll like it.
Cake "Paradise"
182 - 120м -
For admirers of coffee, chocolate, condensed milk and nuts! I made it for You. Simple to prepare and at the same time is not simple as its rich flavor. I'll show you how easy and beautiful it can caramelize the nuts, which will make Your cake more festive and luxurious.

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