Wheat flakes

What to cook from Wheat flakes more

0.8k - 45м 5
When my daughter tried them on she said,"Wow, what a great panchitos"!!! What this means - it is not explained. Well then present to your court panchitos ;-))
270 - 60м 6
For me it's pancakes, pancakes from my childhood. Dad always brought them a treat from the homeland – of the Ryazan region. He told me how to cook them, and stressed that it is not... pancakes!, and karawaci!
Tomato fritters "Puzata Hata"
255 - 40м 12
Why "Puzata Hata" You ask? Answer. The so-called variety of tomato, which inspired the notion of these fritters. And, the pancakes turned out wonderful - if they cook often, then everything in your house will be a pot-bellied!
Biscuits "snacks"
244 - - -
Our kids are very picky and each of them has their taste preferences. My "miracle" does not like millet. And it contains very useful amino acids, which are necessary for the skin. The substances included in the composition of the wheat, bind heavy metal ions and excrete toxins that is very necessary for us residents. So I decided to bake cookies that is. By baking he will not be able to go and be sure to eat!!! This delicious cookie we dedicate to kids, similar tastes Yegor, and of course to all, who in this "not supported". Eat health!!! The contest "Silver Line to the delight of children".
224 - 80м 5
Most is a national triangular pies Komi-Perm. They are prepared on rye flour with a filling of millet porridge with poultry.
Eve's Pudding
205 - 50м -
Very tasty pudding that will bring you lots of pleasure from the combination sweet-sour taste and pleasant aroma!

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