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What to cook from Breast more

Lentil soup with smoked Turkey
259 - - -
Fragrant, tasty and useful soup!
Ravioli with chicken and cheese
187 - - -
Very tasty ravioli, cheese in the stuffing is almost not felt - but it turns out sooooo tender and flavorful) In General - try it - I'm sure you'll like it)))
Salad with radish and chicken
154 - - -
If you want to top up your vitamin balance and to protect yourself from colds, prepare salads, where one of the ingredients, the radish. The salad is easy to prepare. This salad can be served as a portion, for example, in tarts, and in small bowls. Preparing a salad...
Soup "Double-pea"
149 - 120м 6
Who is what and I end up with soup! We love this dish! With green peas "Oregon" soup is hearty, sweet and delicious!!! Try!
Wood pigeon with vegetables
143 - 40м 2
Let's start from afar. The wood pigeon is also called vitutej, it is the view of the pigeons. My hunter friend brought me a 5 carcasses of these birds. It was evening, not to bother about whole carcasses, only took the breast. In the morning, fresh and rested, we took over the cooking. Pigeon can be easily replaced at any breast of the bird.
Salad "BlackBerry"
140 - - -
Salad based on chicken, but the green Apple and grape give it an extraordinary lightness. Highly recommend.

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