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Mulled wine, variations on a theme
248 - - -
Mulled wine is hot alcoholic drink based on wine. Traditionally used in Austria, Germany, UK and Scandinavia for the Christmas markets and festivals that are held outdoors. Mulled wine - a drink that is except for the stomach, and warms the soul. Therefore, preparing the mulled wine, do not forget the "season" him with his warmth and good humor. Here I offer several options of this wonderful drink. Yes, there are recipes for mulled wine, I've been all over them, but such variations under such names I found.
Scottish loaf
155 5 180м 10
They say the recipe appeared in Scotland in the sixteenth century from Italy, cook it in New year's eve, a variant of the recipe from the edition of 1841 cookbook. I thought that this cake is a rarity.
Jordan pumpkin pudding with minced meat in tahini-yoghurt sauce
145 - - -
A beautiful dish of Jordanian cuisine, a wonderful and tasty combination. Casserole serve hot with boiled rice or cold with pita bread.
Freshly-salted cucumbers in a plastic bag
129 4 - -
This recipe make 3 years. He was taught to do by my local friend. Quick, tasty, and most importantly, there is no need to fumble.
Shrimp, Uwatse
127 - 40м 4
This is my last recipe for this year's one hundredth. Decided to treat the exquisite Greek dish. For this recipe, I was threatened more than a year! The cover photo will replace the first tasting dishes!
Pork "Lightning"
121 4 - -
Tender pork in a spicy, piquantly, fragrant, bright shell of spices, horseradish, garlic and mustard seeds... Marinated in Martini with lemon... Elementary to cook... well, and the result is simply divine meat and, of course, 100 times better than any sausage and the purchase of pork... of Course, You decide... I can only predlogit the option... you can Eat and hot, hot, and cold as a snack... the Meat is quite appropriate for the festive table.

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